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An Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Initiative

iNTD held a seminar on NTDs at Cherthala organised by Dr.R Rajendran in connection with World NTD day

Indian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases(INTD) observed the World NTD Day on 30th January 2024 at Jnanodayam Public School urging upon the students community the need of elimination of NTD by 2027. The HQ secretary, Dr. Sreelakshmi Mohandas, gave the lead in this campaign.

The Indian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (iNTD) organised the Second International Colloquium at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi on 4th October 2023. The highlight of the event was the endorsement of Kigali Declaration, which was signed by Dr KN Panicker, Chairman of iNTD.

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iNTD office bearers initiated the Kerala componenet of the multi centric ICMR study on Rabies on 24th April 2023. Researchers includes Dr. Sreelakshmi M, Dr. Aswathy S and Dr. Vishnu B Menon

World NTD Day - iNTD observed the World NTD day at ACHTC on 30-01-2023

World NTD Day - iNTD observed the World NTD day with varied events on 30th January 2022

The Indian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (iNTD), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham observed World NTD Day on January 30 by organizing a health education campaign for the Migrant labor community. It was held in collaboration with Uniting to Combat NTDs - UK.

iNTD Observes World Rabies Day on 28th September 2021

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Dr. Leyanna Susan George relinquishes the position of General Secretary iNTD

On the assumption of Dr. Leyanna Susan George as a senior scientist ICMR, New Delhi, she has relinquished the post of General Secretary iNTD and Dr. Teena Mary Joy has taken over

World NTD day 2021

iNTD celebrated world NTD day by taking a pledge to effectively partner the WHO roadmap for NTD control

Study on Podoconoisis in India

Dr. Leyanna Susan George and Dr K N Panicker initiated a study on mapping the burden of Podoconoisis in India with the support of Sussex University, UK

Impact of Vocational Rehabilitation in improving the quality of life of Filarial patients in Cherthala (RSTMH Supported study to Dr Lakshmi Aravindan)

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World NTD Day

iNTD has observed world NTD Day on 30th January 2020 with poster competitions among MBBS Students of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on a theme Neglected Tropical Diseases and their control. Three prizes to the winning team of students were distributed on the same day.

A big loss to iNTD

With the sad demise of Dr Dato C P Ramachandran iNTD lost a good friend and a tower of strength.

iNTD puts in record our deep condolences.

NNN9 Conference 2018

Dr.K.N.Panicker, Prof.Emeritus, Community Medicine AIMS and Chair of Indian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 24th to 26th, September 2018 on an invitation from NTD NGDO Network to participate in their NNN 9 Conference. He was a Guest Speaker in the Global Forum for Filariasis, Leprosy and other NTDs. The major theme of discussion in this forum was morbidity management, disability prevention and rehabilitation of patients with either of these diseases. In this context, the Indian experience of the AMRITA - iNTD was of major attraction during the discussions in the forum. As an Amrita iNTD initiative a rehabilitation programme of disabled Lymphoedema patients was already been in force in Cherthala, Kerala, India which is the well-known endemic pocket for Brugian filariasis for centuries. The core activity is to provide micro finance to filarial patients to start some income generating activity. There are hundreds of such diseased individuals leading a miserable life when they are abandoned by their kith and kin. In order to make them independent they were introduced into varied small scale income generating activity. Patients were provided with some seed money for initiating poultry, goat rearing, .cattle rearing, tailoring and small scale vending. The profit is to be shared among patients for new ventures. The uniqueness of the program is that the financial support for the entire activity came from a local corporate K Chittilappilly Foundation. This Private partnership is a strategy advocated by organisations such as WHO and GAELF. This Rehabilitation Project attracted the attention of all gathered in the Global Forum especially the committed international donor agencies. Thus Amrita /iNTD experience turned out to be a role model for rehabilitation of disabled filarial patients at the Global level.

Advocacy Planning Meeting of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Dr. K. N. Panicker, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Community Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, visited Berlin from February 20 – 23, 2018, to participate in an Advocacy Planning Meeting of Neglected Tropical diseases. He was invited by Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases, UK and the German Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Berlin. The highlight of the event was a breakfast meeting with the Parliamentarians of Germany to impress upon them the global importance of neglected tropical diseases and their mitigation.


iNTD Amrita / KCF LF Project for MMDP (ACLFP)

iNTD has initiated a Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention project in the Brugian Filariassis endemic pocket in Kerala, Cherthala on a Palliative care mode to reduce the agony of thousands of disabled, disfigured elderly patients. Home based medical care and provisio n of customized micro cellular footwear is the mainstay of this project. It is being carried out with the support of AIMS and a local philanthropist M/s. Chitilapalli foundation. It is also supported by Geogit Financial services. The NTD centre of LSTM UK also provides technical and other support.

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NTD World Summit 2017

Dr. K.N Panicker, Chairman of iNTD attended the NTD World summit form 19th to 22nd April 2017 at WHO Geneva.

Uniting to Combat NTDs Advocacy Start-Up Meeting in London

Dr. K.N Panicker, Chairman of iNTD attended uniting to comabt NTD's advocacy start-up meeting in London in the Bill & Melinda Gate foundation from 13 to 15 Decemeber 2016.

First Anniversary of iNTD

The first anniversary of iNTD was celebrated in a grand manner on 20th October 2016 with an international symposium on the control of neglected tropical diseases in India on current context.
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Prof. Dr. David Molyneux, Honorary Ambassador of INTD

INTD has the honor of having Prof. Dr. David Molyneux Director of LF Support Center of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK as its Honorary Ambassador. He was also the director of LSTM besides holding many coveted positions in WHO and other International agencies.

Launching of WHO's ESPEN program, Geneva

Prof. Dr. K. N Panicker Chairman INTD was a special invitee from INDIA to attend the launching ceremony of the WHO's ESPEN at world health assembly of UN at Geneva on 23rd May 2016.

Study on the NTD Burdon among the migrant population of Kochi, India

With the financial support from the chief patron of INTD Dr. Prem Nair the Medical Director of AIMS a study has been initiated on the NTD Burdon among the migrant population of Kochi, India. Dr. Sobha George and Dr. Teena Mary Joy the working group expert members along with Dr. Leyanna Susan George the Organizing Secretary of INTD are conducting this study.

Neglected Tropical disease NGDO Network (NNN6) 6th Annual meeting Abu Dhabi

Prof. Dr. K.N. Panicker Chairman iNTD attended the 6th Annual Meeting of the Neglected Tropical disease NGDO Network (NNN6) from 13th to 16th September 2015 in Abu Dhabi UAE. He is also a signatory in the Abu Dhabi declaration urging all NTD networks coming together towards Global NTD control.

3rd General Assembly Meeting of the African Research Network for the Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD) Malawi

Prof. Dr. K.N. Panicker Chairman iNTD attended the 3rd General Assembly Meeting of the African Research Network for the Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD) from 17th to 19th November 2015 in Blantyre, Malawi (Africa). He represented India and Asia in this meeting and he has also participated in the concluding panel discussion. In this meeting ARNTD took a decision to partner with all similar networks operating in different parts of the world including INTD.

Consultation on Problem of NTDs and other Social Issues Pertaining to the Migrant Labour Population of Kerala

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi organized a consultation on "Problem of NTDs and other social issues pertaining to the migrant labour population of Kerala" in collaboration with UNICEF and Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment on June 26, 2015. The event was clubbed with the launch of the Indian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases and also the official launch of this website
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Assessment of the burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases and their mitigation among the Migrant Labour population of Ernakulam District Kerala India.

In recent times there has been a Mass Exodus of population from North Eastern states of India to Ernakulam district of Kerala for seeking better job opportunities. These migrants come from states which have a high endemicity for NTD’s and this provides an ideal opportunity for the spread of NTD’s in to areas where it has been previously under control. This study aims to assess the burden of NTS’s among the migrant population and there by prevent the emergence of previously controlled NTD’s among the local population.
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Prevalence of Snake bites in Kerala

Dr. Jaideep Menon Working Group Expert Member of INTD is assessing the prevalence of Snake Bites in Kerala, India.

State Level Dengue Conclave- “Mazhakkilukkam”

A high State Level Dengue Conclave was jointly organized by the Department of Health Services, National Health Mission and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in order to examine the possibilities of dengueout break and also to chartout the strategies for its prevention and control prayer to the onset monsoon.
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The International Colloquium on Neglected Tropical Diseases

An International Colloquium was organized at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on Neglected Tropical Diseases to understand the current global scenario and also to identify areas for prioritization of the diseases especially in Kerala, India and African Nations. Experts from different countries of Europe, Africa and Asia actively participated in the colloquium and urged to form a chapter of NTD at AIMS in association with GNNTD. This colloquium was supported by Indian council of Medical Research and Kerala Council for Science and Technology and environment.
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India becomes yaws-free- Dr Lalit Kant

On July 14, 2016, the WHO felicitated India for having eliminated yaws as a public health problem. Yaws? What yaws?Majority of the people would not have heard about yaws. Yaws is a neglected tropical disease of the most neglected people.
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